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About Us

About Us

We started in June of 2021 with a single idea, which quickly grew. TFC Offroad was created with an excitement to create products, in an otherwise flooded market, that are unique, fresh, and built better. Exceeding expectations is what we aimed for! Headquarters started in Katy Texas, a large suburb of Houston Texas, but now calls Bellville, TX home. Today we occupy a 30,000 sqft manufacturing facility with tons of capacity and room to grow. Our culture of quality first inspires us to deliver only the best products we can create.

Our first products were designed for the Toyota 4Runner, but we quickly found demand for other vehicles and plan to add additional models and manufacturers every month as we engineer dimensions and products.

We also offer custom designed gear for Automobiles, ATV’s, and UTV’s. If you can think of a product other vehicle owners would want, we can design and manufacture in bulk. Each product and service we offer is rooted in our values, inspired by our love of vehicles, backed by superior customer service, and a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

The TFC Offroad Commitment

No matter who our customers are— from the hardcore offroader, law enforcement or military, to the passionate leisure traveler, or our partners and distributors around the county, we create products that exceed expectations every day.

Our Core Values

  • Keep listening. Think like a customer to guide decisions.
  • Build relationships by being curious, personal, friendly and fun.
  • Earn credibility and trust by being open, honest and down-to-earth.
  • Show integrity and mutual respect for all.
  • We start and end by asking ourselves: What can we do to make this better?
  • No matter what your title, refill the toilet paper roll.
  • Take Pride in Your Product No matter what we produce, we go for great!
  • Take “it” to the next level. Don’t settle.
  • Implement your IFB (“I firmly believe”).
  • Take ownership. Be accountable and measure results.
  • Be proud to own or give.
  • Learn from mistakes.

TFC Offroad is a subsidiary of
the Texas Fabrication Company

At Texas Fabrication we have all the tools, equipment and experience needed to cut, weld, bend, powder coat, 3D print and more all under one roof. We offer warehouse or outsourced manufacturer fulfillment, even on demand order fulfillment. We're equipped to meet all your needs with prompt, reliable, professional services since we continually invest in a wide variety of the latest, most powerful equipment.